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The "no-time" and "no-money" opportunist

July 8, 201460 min
As a talk radio host who interviews expert guests, I am usually the one asking the questions.... but...on several recent occasions the roles have been reversed and I am the one in the hot seat. (I admit, I love being asked to tell my story). Last week one of the interviewers gave me the above nickname, and ---I have to say--- I was flattered. It didn't matter that I had little cash to invest in my business or a mere six hours a week --kid-free-- to get work done. I was still hell-bent on making hay while the sun was shining.
No super powers here.

Let go of the assumption that successful people have been given some kind of super human quality to reach their accomplishments. By believing that--- you are basically giving yourself an excuse to COP OUT. There is no secret ingredient, no magic pill, or ---at least in my case---no big reveal of a "trust fund". I used the same tools that are available to YOU.
I kept myself in check.

This moves into a realm way beyond personal accountability.

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