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The Rewards of Resistance

June 23, 201560 min
The path of least resistance certainly has it's perks...
..but the road less traveled has adventure and character.

Ever since SoCal weather began hitting triple digits, I shifted my morning workout routine into swimming laps. To keep my hands from cramping, I use resistance gloves --- which have been largely beneficial in building more muscle tone in my arms, as well as helping me to move faster through the water with the pull of the resistance.
Resistance gives you something substantial to grab hold of and propel you forward!

While resistance may often look like conflict or contrast, the juxtaposition of it produces added depth that allows you to easily increase your EFFORT and bring more substantial RESULTS.
The pay off is ALWAYS worth the added EXERTION.

This got me thinking about the REWARDS of upping our resistance in life and business. Playing small may feel like less of a risk, but will result in less achievement. It is often said that if you are swimming upstream, it's best

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