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The Spirit of Business and Parenting

January 9, 201457 min
It's spirituality that drives our visions and decisions. I was raised to be keep my mind open to all possibilities. It has served me well on most accounts, but there were times when I needed more. I needed to have...FAITH. Without faith, what else is there? Whether you believe in a higher power or not, you have a spirit within you that drives your ambitions, your visions for success, the way that you raise your children to have morals and values and the way that you respond to life's adversity. We love, we hate, we laugh, we cry, we fight with our best friends and our spouses, we make up, we yell at our kids and then hug them a little too tight (ouch, mom!), we make ourselves over, reinvent and rebrand. We are progress. We question everything we do, even when we are most firm in our convictions. We pray even when we don't fully believe. We hang in there even when we most feel like throwing in the towel. We mourn losses and celebrate victories. We are the human spirit. We make the world go around with what we can't see but believe is there. Faith. This week I will be introducing you to one of my favorite people in the world... my good friend Geraldine Teggalove. She is a person just like me and you - with a story of struggle and a new emergence into self-realization and now a spiritual mentor for others. I've learned so much about the human spirit through Geraldine, and this week I am pleased to be able to share her and her prosperous wisdom with you. So many wonderful topics will be covered today, including mysticism, parenting from a metaphysical point of view, understanding our Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo Children, and if there is time, we may even get Geraldine to do a mini nature spirit reading... or two. It is also my privledge to introduce you to the newest member of my team, Danielle Bach. She is my assistant, my booking producer, my co-host, and my rock. It took me awhile to find her, but now that I have, my plan is to keep her forever. Please take a moment to read about these special ladies below.

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