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The Summer De-Stresser Episode!

June 2, 201560 min
School is out... Summer Symmetry is IN!

For most mompreneurs, summer can be the most difficult time of the year to remain in balance and keep a home business flourishing. DON'T PANIC. Summer is supposed to be fun for everyone... remember?

Putting things into place ahead of time can help you battle the burden of multi-tasking your biz with your summer babies.

Here are some summer survival tips that will give you the time off that you deserve without blowing the school-in-session-momentum of your home business.
1. Work then play, every day.

In other words... Bribery!
"Mommy has some important work to get done today. If you can play quietly in your room until noon, I'll take us to the pool for the rest of the day. Deal?"
2. Auto response that email.

Years ago I received one from a colleague that had me jumping up and down with gratitude. I stole her message right away:
"Thank you for your message. I dedicate most of my year to my clients, but summers are for my kids. Therefore, pleas

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