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The Truth About Depression

August 30, 201664 min
Join us for a very special live broadcast...
It's been four weeks since the last time I aired a live show for you. In seven years, I've never taken this long of a hiatus. The truth is... I needed some time to get help with the depression that I've been battling.

Hows that for honesty?
Since I "came out" as someone who has been battling depression, the private messages have been pouring in from others who have either been silently suffering with this illness or have watched a love one suffer. Many didn't realize depression was an actual illness that requires medical attention until they read the description of my experience.

More people are affected than you may realize.
You won't want to miss today's discussion if the conversations you have with yourself sound anything like mine did:

"You can't be depressed, you have a wonderful life."

"Depression is for those who are not as strong willed as you are. It's for the weak. You are too aware and SMART to be depressed."

"You have nothin

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