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Time Management & Marketing- The Musical

June 17, 201460 min
How to Defy Gravity... and TIME

Of all the ridiculous promises that business gurus make... (Make loads of money DOING NOTHING! Make money while you SLEEP! Become a 6 figure income earner in 5 days...) MY GUARANTEE might sound the MOST absurd of all.
You too can run a successful home business... in ONLY 6 hours a week!

Tune in this week to find out HOW I am able to make such an ABSURD guarantee.

After 8 long-- amazing-- tear-my-hair-out --STRESSFUL (but wonderful!) years, I've reached quite a milestone. In the Fall, my youngest will be entering kindergarten and leaving me with an empty nest. I am happy to report... WE SURVIVED.

In between the tastes of bittersweet tears (and the secret high fives I've been exchanging with my husband)... I admit... I am BEYOND EXCITED to see what can be accomplished with an EXTRA 34 hours A WEEK!!
In retrospect....

I believe more than ever before that if ANYONE can defy the laws of the universe... (including making time stand still)'s the "mom

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