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To The Hard Working Moms on Mother's Day

March 2, 201457 min
For Mother's Day this year, what is it you REALLY want? If you are like most work-at-home moms I know, a relaxing day off with no responsibility for anyone other than yourself might sound like just the thing. But what would make it even more precious would be the ability to sustain that rejuvenation the other 364 days of the year. For me, that gift is knowing that my hard work and determination has a pay-off. Otherwise what is the point? Working at home is like taking on a double career for half the pay- and only some of us will actually see results in our income. Those odds are not very reassuring. So why do we keep at it? Because we love and care for our families and are determined to provide for them. Because we want to share ourselves with them as mothers and caretakers. Because we don't see any other way. The truth is, as parents, our time is VALUABLE and oh-so sparse. Focused work time without interruption is as scarce as hens’ teeth, so what little we have, we need to invest wisely. If you are not seeing the results you want, its time to re-evalute what you are doing with your precious time. What if I told you that I could give you the tools that would ensure you would see massive pay off this year? Happy Mother's Day. You're welcome. Most of the time its not about working HARD, its about working smart and strategically. I learned this and many more lessons 1 year ago at Tory Johnson's Spark and Hustle. This week I was reminded of where I was a year ago, and the clarity I received after I attending the game changing event. I can't wait to revisit this with you on the show this week. I am fired up and ready to rock it at the next level. If you want to come with me to Spark and Hustle in LA, connect with my people at an event in a city near you, or if you need to talk it out with someone who will give it to your straight ... write to me personally and we'll talk about it together. Pushing throught my skepticism was a defining moment for me. It started me on a path that has led to everything I am accomplishing today. Give yourself what you truly want this Mother's Day. You deserve it. This Week's Guest Ellen Gerst is a coach who helps clients to experience a change in perspective in order to move successfully through difficult life circumstances. With the ability to quickly drill down to the essence of a matter, she is able to effectively coach her clients to focus on achievable goals that will bring the most benefit to their lives. Ellen is also the author of several books on a variety of subjects including, grief, dating, relationships, spirituality, networking, social media, caregiving, and weight loss. Currently, she is coaching others on how to write and market a book in their area of expertise.

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