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Tools to Explode Your Network

July 7, 201560 min
An Entire Hour Dedicated to the Network Marketers!

We've covered Network Marketing in the past, but our focus was

to help you to determine IF network marketing was the right

career path for you. We talked about how to select the RIGHT

opportunity, how to ask the tough questions and how to reveal

those red flags that will help you avoid buying into an opportunity

that seems too good to be true. All of those episodes can be

found in our ON DEMAND LIBRARY ON iHEART, or in our SHOW

TODAY is all about supporting the Network Marketers that are

already knee deep in the trenches.
You are already invested, loaded and locked in.

You have set your goals, promoted your website, asked friends

and family to host a few parties, set up booths at events, and you

are still not where you want to be. In fact, your income still might

be less than your investment. It. Just. Doesn't. Add. Up.
You are doing EVERYTHING your up-line has advised, memorized

all their key sales phr

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