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Tormentors make the best Mentors

January 19, 201660 min
The toughest moments are the ones that GROW YOU...

You know what I am talking about. The growth moments... the ones that we appreciate more than anything once it's all over and we can look back with a good laugh and an "Aha!" --- but while you are still in it, you feel like clawing your own eyes out.

My worst "mommy" moments are the teachable ones for me and my little guys. We are so totally in this together, and we make a great team...but we certainly have our fair share of dark times.

Look for the lesson

Without the dark times, we wouldn't strive for the good ones.

Whenever you find yourself getting twitchy and tormented, open up your consciousness to received guidance from the situation. What can be learned from this?

You wouldn't be that amazing beacon of light to a friend in need unless you yourself had once been in a dark space.

You can't be a teacher unless you were once a student.

You can't succeed unless you have truly known what it was like to fail.

The Players in yo

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