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Tough Love

May 20, 201460 min
Don't Kid Yourself. If you feel like you are always working...but never really accomplishing anything... it may be because you are PROCRASTINATING... which is usually masqueraded by something that SEEMS like work, but is really just a facade for self-sabotage.
Don't Freak Out, Just Fix it.

Whether in a corporate office, or a home office, there is always a mess to clean up --something unexpected that might temporarily throw you off of your perfectly planned schedule. This is inevitable... this is life.

Take a good look at HOW YOU handle these detours. Spilled milk can take 15 seconds to clean up --or-- it could lead to a complete mopping of the downstairs, a reorganization of your junk drawers ...and a yard sale.

If you find yourself derailing from your intentions on a daily basis, it could be that you are avoiding something imperative about your business, or what the SUCCESS of it might represent for you.
Are you a perfectionist or a procrastinist?

If you are still waiting for thos

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