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Turn bright Ideas into BIG BUCKS!

December 13, 201357 min
Launch a profitable business...BY MONDAY. Whether you’ve got a great idea for a business-- OR-- you are ready to take your job and SHOVE IT-- OR -- You already have a business that.. is... sucking... the.. life... out... of... you... A fresh and strategic business plan-of-action might be what was missing all along. If you are anything like me... you jumped into self-employment with 100% pure passion and VERY little knowledge of venture capitalism. GOOD NEWS FOR ALL OF US --- even if you did do things a little backwards--- ANYONE can learn this stuff... and come away with a PROFITABLE PLAN in a mere weekend. If serving others SERVES YOU, then basic business information WILL EMPOWER YOU. Moms and Dads... you are part of a BIGGER purpose and you SHARE your ambitions with one another. Parents who are PASSIONATE about providing for their children--- who also work to have a core understanding of business --can POSITIVELY IMPACT the world in a profound way. There is no reason to shy away from your BIG DREAMS because the level of competition -- or lack of knowledge -- frightens you. Resources are readily available to TURN ANYONE into a profitable business owner- with the right amount of tenacity and drive. Powerful business planning... made easy! Today, expert Ellen Rohr will be joining us on the live show to tell us EXACTLY just how to clarify our vision for an ideal business... with an exact agenda... from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

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