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Watch Your Garden Grow

March 2, 201457 min
Back from the Blast! Last week's show was a hoot, wasn't it? It was exactly what I needed to let loose and feel more connected to my inner geek. Sometimes its neccessary to deviate from course a bit and shake things up. Thank you so much for your wonderful letters and participation! Melissa M. writes: "I needed this! It not only gave me reason to get out there and hit the gym, it gave me permission to enjoy listening to music that is mine." Amanda P. says: "That was truly hilarious! Ally, I have been waiting for you to break out that singing voice of yours. That was the most fun I've ever had listening to your show." Mendy G. says: "I was listening to your podcast and DYING! I ALSO have Rent on my music playlist I'm a huge Broadway playlist nerd..." Miss the Live show? Listen to the replay here---> This week our beloved Kelly will not be able to join us, but in her place I am thrilled to introduce you to another one of my fabulous staff members: Roz Walker. You may not realize it, but Roz is behind the scenes every day giving you so much of what you love about It's Roz who is setting up our weekly giveaways and handling the contests, tweeting out our message each night, and posting all of those thoughtful and insightful quotes on our Facebook Fanpages. (nope, I can't take credit for it... it's all Roz!) Always on the edge of the latest social media trends, we are so very fortunate to have Roz tell us where we need to be, when and most importantly WHY! In addition to being an active a full time staff member of, Roz is CEO of, where she is an expert on things like gaining followers on social media, social branding and small business PR. She is also a true advocate of work-at-home moms and is a busy multi-tasking mom of 2 little ones herself. Roz will be helping me interview our wonderfully insightful and altruistic guest, Debra Slover, whose mission is to plant seeds of the next generation and grow them into world leaders! Look out parents! Your child could be a pioneer in the making!

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