This Little Parent Stayed Home

We r all a 'lil Freaky & Funny. Own It.

February 3, 201457 min
Whatever is screaming the loudest gets the most attention. At least that is how it is in my house. As parents, our days almost never go as planned. You may have meant to put out a client newsletter or create a rockin' new business plan or even have a play-date with some new friends from preschool. All that was pushed aside, however, when your 3 year old peed on the floor or your 6 year old suddenly came down with pink eye or your hot water heater broke and seeped into all those boxes in the garage. Sometimes the hardest part of being a parent is that we lack control of the day to day and even the hour to hour. Why even have a game plan when it's sure to get disrupted by something unexpected? A game plan keeps you focused, but having flexibility keeps you prepared and ready to deviate from your plan without having a grown-up melt down. Tragedy + Time = Comedy Keep those chuckles coming. On most days, it's the only way to make it through. If you want to survive, you must learn to laugh at the absurdity of your unexpected daily dramas, surround yourself with friends and tribe mates who have been there, done that, and remember that every new experience as a mom or dad is an opportunity for you to create a more controlled system ---for next time. This week I will be introducing you to two very good friends of mine. Mandy Kalish is one of the newest staff members of Our Milk Money, joining us in her role as Director of Sales and Marketing. My friendship with Mandy is not so new, however, as our history together stems back to grade school when we were the best of frenemies. Mandy is one of the funniest women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I cannot wait to reminisce with her about our childhood years...all the way up to motherhood. If anyone knows how to embrace the absurd, it's Ms. Kalish. Speaking of funny, my good friend Chris Mancini, stand-up comic and comedy film writer/producer/author, returns to the show as our guest of the hour. New parents, you certainly won't want to miss this! Dutiful dad, Chris Mancini, is offering an insightful, fun and extremely helpful short course on overcoming the anxieties of becoming a first-time parent. If you or anyone you know is even a little bit FREAKED OUT about becoming a parent, Chris can help. He teaches how to overcome the "Hyperanxiepression" so new parents can enjoy their helpless little infants from day one. "Will I ever have s-e-x again?" "Will I ever sleep again?" "Will I have to start going to bed at sunset?" Questions like these are more common than you think: you're not alone. Join Chris in his super-affordable, fun and helpful course, or give it as a gift to any expecting new dads (they probably won't admit it, but they're SCARED).

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