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Weather the Storm to Reach that Rainbow

March 5, 201457 min
Greetings from my new home! I am a bit late in getting this message out to you because I have been busy moving my family into my dream house. For years we have been busting at the seams of the little condo that my husband and I bought when we were first married. Since becoming a growing family of four we have been striving to afford a bigger place. Job losses for both of us as well as the declining real estate market meant that we were destined to stay trapped for years in that tiny condo box for years. At times it felt hopeless, but we didn't give up. We have finally arrived. As laborious and demanding as the journey was, I now feel as if I am standing on the top of Mt. Everest. I barely remember the turmoil and tears that got us here. All I can feel right now is pure gratification...and a little bit of shock that I actually made it. I can't wait to talk more about my journey with you on Friday! Will you celebrate with me? There is more to celebrate... Several of my friends this year have been nominated for Oscars. Crazy right? That heavy gold statuette that only America's Royalty have had the honor of clutching in their perfectly manicured hands? Not the people I know. These are true stories of everyday ordinary folks like you and me who have risen to the top with passion, tenacity, and a whole lot of drive. We have the great opportunity to learn from their journey. We have one of the biggest giveaways ever this week! Joining us as a guest this week is Jacqueline Green, the founder of The Great Parenting Show...and wait until you see what she is giving away!!

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