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We're All in This Thing Together

January 2, 201559 min
In my absence, my amazing co-host and producer, Kelly St. Clair will be taking over the show on Friday with a not-to-be-missed guest. I'll be back the following week. Be good! xo, Ally We're All in This Thing Together In the year 2000, my husband and I were blindsided by a home invasion. This shocking event would change us as the people we once were. Or should I say…. thought we were! We were instantly transformed into irrational human beings. It distorted our view of the world around us. How would we be altered because of this? Would we be able to stay sane in an insane world? My beliefs before this home invasion were that everything was going to be story–book perfection. I had already had my life systematically planned out, complete with an organized time-line. You see, as a little girl, like so many other little girls, I always dreamed of marrying my prince charming and living happily ever after. I even designed the wedding in my head with exact precision. Right down to the last han

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