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What They Didn't Tell U about Ur Own Biz

January 19, 201457 min
Stepping up and standing out. We are truly living in a generation of possiblity. If you want to bring your career home, there really are no more excuses. Whether you have invented a product, conceptualized a must-need service, or simply want to join a ready made direct sales team-- opportunities are abundant! Filling an existing need. There are dreamers and then there are DOERS. So many of the successful mom and dad entrepreneurs that have visited us on This Little Parent Stayed Home took their struggle and turned it into a solution. Their darkest hour and most challenging moments became the seed in which their business eventually blossomed. Filling an existing need doesn't just mean creating something where once there was nothing. Not an inventor? No problem! Filling a need might mean knowing how to align your personal attributes -- your skills, your talents, your visions, your RESOURCES-- with the available opportunities. Opportunities are abundant! Don't see them? You may be walking through life with your EYES WIDE SHUT. Every day I see social media posts from a friend or colleague who is in need of some kind of support. Step up with your hand raised high! Mom and Pop have firmly found their place in the new economy. Much of this economic revolution came about from a renaissance of ideas and a need for change. Family life was the new priority and therefore family-run businesses began to boom. Some didn't make it, but continued to reinvent themselves until a decent way of life was restored. Others navigated paths to success on their own accord -- by exceeding their own expectations, staying fueled by passion and MARCHING ON!! Everyone has a story. When spoken from the heart, most stories will sell. One of my favorite stories of success comes from my good friend, Amy Beth Pitcher, the owner and creator of Country Home Gourmet, a direct sales and party plan company that was seeded, planted and grown -- from scratch-- by herself and her husband, Shane. In addition to being a business leader and an inspiration to hundreds of personal consultants across the country, Amy Beth served in the United States Airforce while raising her family. For those of you who are members of the business directory for parents, you may recognize Amy Beth as our Membership Director! (So now you know why I may be a bit biased about today's guest) but once you meet her, you will know exactly why I wanted to show her off and share her magnificent story with you. Amy Beth is a woman with such integrity and commitment in everything she does -- no matter where her family business journey takes her. One of the things I love about her ... besides her spark and her enthusiasm... is her complete transparency and her willingness to tell it like it is. Join us on the show today to hear about how Amy Beth's "pilot idea" grew into a nationwide party plan company, and an opportunity for more moms and dads to build a family business.

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