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Who is on your "Support Staff?"

January 2, 201560 min
We are very affected by the energy of the people who surround us... especially the people who we love most. It's not the easiest thing to admit, but often it is the support (or lack thereof) from our friends and family members who make or break our success. These characters are only fragments of the people we love most and our need to impress them is fabricated by our own insecurities and fears. When we are working overtime to appease them, we become unclear about our own intentions and consequently deny serving our happiest self. Our inner voice becomes silenced. On the other hand having a strong support base, fans who adore you and are rooting for you, can make a terrific impact and result in acheiving your ultimate reality. Then again, who in this whole wide world doesn't have complicated relationships? This week we'll be talking about finding your peeps, and conditioning your "habitual relationships" to be more optimal, more productive and more worthy of your love and attention. Jo

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