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Winter is over...

March 25, 201459 min
Winter is over... but our hearts remain Frozen.

The message behind this chillingly powerful Disney animated film is resonating with children of all ages (and their parents...) so WHY ALL THE HYPE?

It seems like everyone has "Frozen Fever" these days and if your house is anything like mine, Idina Menzel's gorgeous trills have been replayed constantly to mollify the demands of our little ones.

We may complain that we can't escape the over sung song from our every day lives...but the truth is... we can't seem to stop SINGING the darn thing ourselves.

So... let's just admit it.

WE FEEL FREE when we allow ourselves to sing LET IT GO full out in our very best soprano belts! The song is liberating, thrilling and downright BEAUTIFUL...just like the message itself.
Apparently, a severe climate change was needed.

Contrary to wacky theories about the "controversial hidden meanings" in the film, I don't believe that this is propaganda for any ONE GROUP, but instead, a story of hope ... for MANY.

The snow and ice are simply metaphors for how we relate to the inner despair of being in constant isolation. It is a story that applies to anyone who has ever felt ostracized. You don't need to dig very deep to find yourself emotionally resonant with the ice queen who has been told to conceal herself--- or risk hurting those she loves most.

BRAVO TO DISNEY for breaking into new territory with an inspirational story of sisterhood, featuring TWO princesses who "share the spotlight" rather than the tired previous fairy tale format featuring ONE beautiful ingenue, and an evil, jealous queen tearing her down.

Whether you are the bright-eyed romantic extrovert, or the complicated loner, the new feminine power is that we can accomplish more when we aren't competing with one another or hiding in a deep forest to protect ourslves from the wrath of our female counter parts. The new trend here tells us that when the world misunderstands us, it's the bonds of sisterhood that might save us.
Imagine a world where we are all FREE TO BE....ourselves...

It's not an accident that Frozen and all of it's deep rooted themes of self-love and acceptance have become such a passionate trend for our children in today's culture. It should be apparent by now how necessary this path to self-discovery is FOR ALL OF US. Some of us can't even imagine what we are capable of once we unleash the energy of all that we might be concealing...breathtaking crystals, castles, art, massive beauty... so much more.
It's time to erase those blurred lines of what WE THINK is expected of us!

If your family loved Frozen, they will ADORE Frieda B..
This week we will continue on this journey of self-discovery and imaginative empowerment with our amazing guest of the hour, Renata Bowers, author of my favorite children's book series: Frieda B. Herself.

Frieda B. is the worlds biggest dreamer, with a limitless and colorful imagination, she fully believes that she is free to be anyone, anywhere she can be. Providing inspiration and encouragement to children of all ages, Frieda B teaches us to believe in our own big dreams and the one-of-a-kind story that we each hold inside.

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