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Working with your Spouse

October 22, 201459 min
Business just got personal. A good old fashioned Mom and Pop business is a neat idea in theory but how does it really work out? You want to start a home-based business, and you'd like to work with a partner. How about your life partner? You've managed everything else together - your house, your kids, your vacations... why not share the same career? When you're confronted constantly by someone who knows you so well, you're going to have an extraordinary opportunity to work on your flaws and develop as a person. When it does work, it can be glorious. So, how can you make it work? Plan no-business weekends. Go on actual dates. Make rules. Sounds like the same rules we talk about for any parent who is self- employed, doesn't it? This week I'll be bringing on a friend who has made it work. Adrienne Kallweit, owner of SeekingSitters has been working with her husband for 7 years and will be sharing her story with us!

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