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June 9, 201559 min
Moms, I'm handing over the show TO YOU today.

Earlier this week, I took my boys for a quick run to the grocery store. They were rowdy as 6 and 9 year olds usually are and I found myself exhausted from hearing my own voice: "Put that down. Please don't touch that. Do you mind keeping your voice down? Please don't run. Hold my hand and look for cars."

The glances that I received from many onlookers told me that they had --- an opinion. I was harshly reminded of how little the majority of the world understands (and tolerates) parents and the great lengths we go to in keeping everyone else comfortable when a child is present.

After posting my rant on Facebook, the comments poured in from other moms who said that they felt exactly the same way. That is when I realized how much you needed to be heard.

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