Tiffany Granath

Tiffany Granath 9/23/13

September 28, 201360 min
The Queen is in the house. Joined by celebrities and a rotating panel of sex and relationship experts, Tiffany's over 15 years experience exploring the many sides of her callers' sexuality as the former host of "Night Calls" on both Playboy TV, Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, this fiery redhead has truly earned the crown.

Tiffany doesn't rely on her stunning sexy looks for her success. After all, Tiffany's piercing blue eyes and curvy body don't mean a thing on radio. It's her irresistible personality, sharp wit and compassion that's responsible for her loyal and ever growing fan base.

She has appeared on the big screen in several movies, such as "From Dusk 'Til Dawn" and "The Game," a television series regular in "Bobcat's Big Ass Show" (Wing of "Wing and Ding") and numerous guest host appearances on E! TV's "Wild On." Fans may also recognize her from co-starring roles on Fox's "Married with Children," HBO's "Breast Men," "Baby Face Nelson," and "The Immortals."

Now, Tiffany just wants to you!

Tiffany talks about how to go after those natural endorphins in life (adrenaline rushes) to avoid being bored and also what it is like to be an actual soccer mom, in heels, of course!! She also takes some very interesting advice calls!!

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