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MJ Compassion And Common Sense - 01/26/1

January 30, 201559 min
First broadcast on iHeartRadio and Time4Hemp.com 01/30/15

Host: Lanny Swerdlow

Marijuana legalization measures have been a mixed bag of good and bad for medical marijuana patients. With California most likely to have a legalization initiative on the ballot in 2016, legalization proponents want to work with medical marijuana patients to ensure that their rights are protected under any marijuana legalization initiatives that are on the ballot.

Dale Sky Jones is Director of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, a California based nonpartisan organization dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition through ballot initiatives, legislative collaboration and public education campaigns. As the shows first guest, Ms. Jones will provide information on the series of roundtable discussions being held in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Santa Ana on Jan. 30 and 31. Information on prospects for the 2016 initiatives and how patients can work together to make sure they do not have a negative

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