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MJ Compassion & Common Sense - 02/06/15

February 6, 201559 min
First broadcast on iHeartRadio and Time4Hemp.com 02/06/15

The Americas Program of the Center for International Policy is a leading source of information for activists, academics and citizens concerned about US foreign policy toward Latin America and movements for social justice within the hemisphere. The show’s first guest, Laura Carlsen, Director of CIP Americas, will provide information on this relatively unknown but important organization and explain their programs including those dealing with our country’s War on Drugs in Latin America. For more information on CIP Americas.
From San Diego County to Sonoma County, Step Sherer, Exectuive Director of Americans for Safe Access, is making a whirlwind tour of California providing information and seeking input from patients on what needs to be accomplished on the state and local level regarding legislation on bans, patient rights and commercial regulation. Why the tour is happening and what is hoped to be accomplished will be explai

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