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MJ Compassion & Common Sense - 05/15/24

May 15, 201558 min
First broadcast May 15, 2015 on
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Host Lanny Swordlow reports on how a a former mayor of Clearlake CA has filed suit against the city over a new ordinance that bans medical marijuana cultivation. Attorney Joe Elford has filed the lawsuit on behalf of former Mayor Jeri Spittler and her husband Anthony claiming the measure violates the state constitution.

Jeri Spittler, the former Mayor of Clearlake, is the show’s first guest who will explain the ban, her lawsuit against the city and what the reaction of Clearlake has been to the former Mayor suing the city.

Riverside County, more often in the backwaters of medical marijuana then in the vanguard, is considering an ordinance that allows patients to cultivate up to 12 plants with a maximum of 24 plants per household. This is not a bad ordinance. It is far more supportive and understanding of the needs of medical marijuana patients then are many of the ordinances in other counties.

How Riverside County ca

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