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T4H-SPECIAL: Operation Green Merchant

October 26, 2015117 min
First broadcast on Time4Hemp.com and iHeartRadio 10/26/15.

Host: Wolf Segal
Guests: Tom Alexander, Jorge Cervantes, Steve Hager,
Ed Rosenthal, Bill Lermer and Kevin

On October 26th, 1989 the DEA executed one of the biggest attempts to shut down the then blossoming indoor cannabis cultivation industry. Conducted in over 46 states simultaneously, “Operation Green Merchant” sent shock waves through the cannabis community.

The now infamous operation started with one DEA agent named Jim Stewart. He concocted the initial plans for Operation Green Merchant while thumbing through an issue of HIGH TIMES magazine. Stewart noticed the overwhelming amount of ads for seed banks and grow supply stores in the magazine. To hack into the seed system, Stewart then devised a plan to send undercover agents to the companies that advertised in “counter-culture” magazines to inquire about growing cannabis.

This investigation led to multiple businesses being raided and even shut down. The crazy thing abo

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