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Beyond Plastic Surgery's Reputation of Vanity

September 17, 20159 min
There is much more to plastic surgery than just face-lifts and boob jobs.Dr. Andrew Ordon is an Emmy®-nominated co-host of the award-winning talk show, The Doctors.In his years on the show, Dr. Ordon has been inspired by many guests, ranging from plastic-surgery guru, the late Joan Rivers, to a face transplant patient (after being mauled by an orangutan) and a number of hand transplant patients.Dr. Ordon joins Dr. David Friedman to explain just how these devastating injuries have inspired him in two main ways: 1) that they have been able to survive and 2) they were strong enough to come on the show and share their journey and attitude.Dr. Ordon also shares how he deals with patients who see imperfections in the mirror, but those imperfections do not physically exist.

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