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Chiropractic vs. the American Medical Association

March 3, 20169 min
What motivated George McAndrews to engage in a 15-year battle against the AMA?It was an example of a legal case that almost never happened: four doctors of chiropractic had a very difficult time even finding a lawyer to represent them in the anti-trust case against the American Medical Association.At the time, the capitol of American medicine was Chicago, and all the big law firms wouldn’t go near a chiropractic case out of fear of losing the big business of the medical industry. However, they eventually they found a lawyer sympathetic to their cause. George P. McAndrews, JD, had a personal history with chiropractic... his father, sister, brother, and daughter were all chiropractors.Listen in as McAndrews shares more about the fight for chiropractic in its battle with the AMA.

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