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Feet: Foundation of Whole-Body Health

August 20, 20159 min
Your feet are the foundation for the health of your whole body.Your feet are the foundation for the health of your whole body. They do far more than carry you around from place to place. In fact, due to the way your bones are structured, anything that's "off" with your feet can cause problems in your knees, hip, back, and neck.What are some things you can look for that might indicate an underlying issue?According to special guest, Warren S. Joseph, DPM, there are multiple concerns to consider in terms of your feet.
For instance, people who suffer from diabetes can't feel if there's a problem with their feet as readily as those who don't have diabetes. So, they need to be particularly careful about examining their feet for wounds and other issues.Feet are vulnerable to bacteria, fungi, etc., especially when barefoot. Over 35 million Americans have toenail fungus, but only 6 million have been diagnosed by a doctor and only 2 million receive treatment. Toenail fungus is more than just fungus, says Dr. Joseph. It's actually an infectious disease. The fungus can spread from one toenail to another, to other parts of the body, and even to other people. If you have any inkling that you might be suffering from toenail fungus, get to podiatrist. There are many new topical treatments just approved by the FDA. For more severe cases, though, you might have to take medicine in pill form.And, finally, high heels. Heels absolutely make your legs look more shapely. But, they also add extra pressure to your heels and toes and can even affect your back and spinal alignment.Listen in as Dr. Joseph shares more facts about feet, as well as why they are the foundation for whole-body health.

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