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Global Eating Habits and What You Can Learn

February 19, 20159 min
Ever wonder how the rest of the world eats? Why some countries are thinner and healthier than the US? The answer is here.Jayson and Mira Calton join To Your Good Health Radio to share their global travel experiences and why some countries are healthier than we are right here in the United States. Mira explains that those countries that were the healthiest only ate what was fresh, so fresh they were able to pick and put foods right into their mouths. These countries also did not have the modern foods that we have in the US such as processed foods and sodas.
Find out what they found in the most remote corners of the world. They bring back this information for you to explain how you can eat to avoid and fight disease and be the healthiest you can be with the proper foods and diet. Key word to remember here is fresh. 

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