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Skip the Quick Fix & Try Slow Medicine Instead

June 30, 20169 min
Slow Medicine optimizes general wellness and is effective in healing chronic illness.In our fast-paced world, we often look for quick-fix solutions to health challenges, not realizing that these “solutions” in fact may contribute to our problems. Most health challenges are the result of an imbalance in your body and life, and most quick-fix approaches actually exacerbate these imbalances.
If, instead, you take a Slow Medicine approach by identifying the root cause of health challenges and then creating a thoughtful, step-by-step, and long-term response to it, you can effectively bring yourself back into balance. In doing so, you not only resolve your primary complaints, but you also benefit elsewhere in your life... often in unexpected ways.Listen in as Dr. Michael Finkelstein shares the the sophisticated effectiveness of Slow Medicine.

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