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The Importance of Micronutrients

February 19, 20159 min
Micronutrients are needed to stay healthy, however, be aware of those companies that are trying to deplete them from the products you've come to rely on as micronutrient rich.What are micronutrients? They are the vitamins and minerals found in our food and that we eat and we need them to stay healthy. However, it's becoming more and more important to know where your micronutrients are coming from. Why? Mira and Jayson Calton join To Your Good Health Radio to explain which foods you should eat for the healthiest micronutrients and which foods you should avoid.According to the Caltons, get past the billboard a.k.a. the front of the package a be a proponent of reading the labels. They also share how you can eat healthy and organic without breaking the bank. Hint: Find your local farmer. This and much more so that you can find the healthiest foods for your family table.

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