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Baby Steps to Getting Active

May 3, 20169 min
You need to get active, but where do you start?Everyone has to start somewhere with physical fitness. If you're just getting going for the first time or returning after some time off, becoming active doesn't have to be a daunting task.Start by taking five minutes to do something. Make it easy on yourself by finding an exercise that interests you and do it for five minutes.Break the ice with baby steps. Show yourself you can pull it off and then go a little further. Get into a routine on a gradient.You may have to make an appointment in your calendar as you make fitness a habit. You can also use an app to help track your progress.Branch out and try different fitness classes that catch your interest. If you hate them, you don't have to return. You may just find something you love that keeps you motivated.Dr. Pam Peeke joins host Melanie Cole to share tips to get your body moving.

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