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Denise Austin's New 10 Week Health and Fitness Plan

January 6, 20159 min
With the holidays fast approaching, fitness icon Denise Austin is introducing an all-new, 10-week health and fitness plan that will give people the tools they need to achieve their goals.Fun, easy and accessible for people of all ages and abilities, the 360° Plan is available in three different levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – so there is something for everyone. The program also includes a large social element with internal communities where users can help each other, track their friends’ progress through graphics and stats, and provide support.Built from three core elements that are fundamental for a complete health routine, the 360° Plan focuses on fitness, food and motivation, and includes:  • 30-minute workout videos, which get progressively more difficult throughout the course of the program, six days per week (Sunday is a rest day).   o Variety of workouts, including “walk with me,” high-energy cardio, yoga, barre, pilates, dance cardio and even a fun mother-daughter dance workout with Austin and her daughter Katie.  • Motivational videos featuring personal life experiences and insights from Austin twice per week (Wednesday and Sunday).  • A daily meal plan with recipes for all three meals, plus a snack.   o Recipes include a weekly shopping list that is mobile-friendly.   o More than 200 recipes to choose from.Listen in as Denise Austin discusses her new plan and how it can benefit you.

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