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Morning Nutrition: Kickstart Your Day in a Healthy Way

June 2, 20159 min
You may not realize it, but juice has just as much sugar as soda pop.Many popular breakfast foods and drinks for children contain so much added sugar, it can be the equivalent of eating dessert for your "most important meal of the day."For example, "juice" drinks commonly contain as much sugar as soda, as do breakfast cereals that contain marshmallows and chocolate.Even foods that are advertised as whole grains can contain lots of sugar, so it's difficult to make smart choices. The sugar trap doesn't just affect kids... many favorite breakfast foods among adults (think mocha-caramel frapuccinos and donuts) are really milkshakes and cake in disguise.Even the popular flavored yogurts that are supposed to be so healthy have the sugar equivalent of frozen yogurt. Some even come with toppings, too. So, how can you identify the foods that are just as bad as candy and soda?Brian Parr, PhD, joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share the misleading healthy foods you might be eating and how you can create a healthy start to your day.

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