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The Fitness Age Test: What’s Your REAL Age?

June 30, 20159 min
Should your fitness age be better than your real age?You obviously already know how old you are, but does that number match up to your fitness age?Whether you make frequent trips to your gym, or engage in daily physical activities, you may be wondering how fit you really are. Your fitness age is determined by your VO2max, which is your body's ability to take and utilize oxygen. Your VO2max indicates your current cardiovascular endurance level, and can be used to compare your personal fitness level with people that are the same age.Unfortunately if your VO2max level is below average for your age group that means your fitness age is older than your actual age.Is it possible to make your fitness age lower than your real age?Pam Peeke, MD joins Melanie Cole, MS to discuss what your fitness age means and if it should be better than your chronological age.

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