Triangulation 271: Election Security

October 31, 201666 min
One week and one day before the 2016 US elections, Leo talks to founders Ron Rivest and David Dill about the dangers of election fraud and how to design a "perfect" voting system. Ron Rivest is an Institute Professor at MIT, and the "R" in the RSA and RC2, RC4, RC5, and RC6 encryption algorithms. David Dill is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, and an advocate for integrity and transparency in modern elections. Ron and David talk with Leo about the difference between the rare and relatively harmless retail voting fraud possible with traditional paper ballots, and the potentially devastating wholesale election fraud possible with electronic voting machines. They explain why the ideal voting system today relies on paper ballots, and why voting online is, and may never be, a secure system.
Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Ron Rivest and David Dill
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