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The show focuses mostly on truth in politics and media but routinely romps into such fields as human behavior and folly, philosophy, psychology, the paranormal and anything else that knocks at the door of deeper understanding. Adult language is allowed; all episodes labeled explicit, 18 and older only. Call in at 910 NOLYING (665 9464) or Skype mr.kevin.kierstead. Catch it on iHeartRadio as well, here: ALSO, if you're thinking of trying to get me on your network, there are two things you need to know. First, I do my show my way. Second, money talks. Otherwise, I'm perfectly fine in my little hole here. Just trying to save you some time. :) Legal stuff: the audio and clips I use are either Creative Commons, used under permission, or are covered under the Fair Use act as defined here: . Thought: Wanna know how to deal with a bully? Walk straight up to him and punch him in his big, bulbous nose. Done.... Show More

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