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Gov't Shutdown Shoutout to my Cronies

October 2, 201339 min
Another in-depth look at why a mostly uninformed America is at its own throat, and fast approaching a point of suicide.

Isn't it time that we permanently remove all negotiation topics as we buckle down to fund our government and pay our bills. Before you speak, before you even think, please READ and/or WATCH some news from ANY reputable sources (at least 3 or 4 different sources) because you MUST understand 1. The difference between a budget and CR, 2. Diff. between a budget and debt-ceiling limit, 3. How Obama care works, and what state options are available for NOT using it if chosen, and how NEITHER the gov't shutdown NOR the debt-ceiling can keep "ObamaCare" from executing.

Then, get your history study on. Watch the fall of Rome. More recent, watch Greece. YOU DON'T WANT THIS TO CONTINUE; IT WILL, WILL, WILL COME TO AND THROUGH YOUR FRONT DOOR!!!

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