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Walking Down Memory Lane: My Ex Psycho

August 6, 2015143 min
Recent events have encouraged me to re-run a show. And in keeping with truth, we have to include a few truths for you about Spreaker hosts.

Example: Ang RE Bong, Barko, and a few others pretended to care about kids earlier while reading information online that would necessarily hurt a specific kid (look up PAS, Parental Alienation Syndrome, if this doesn't make sense). Don't you love it? Poor guys; Ang RE Bong goes out and cuts grass a couple of times here and there, just enough to afford his own grass to smoke. Oh, and he's Angry. Barko isn't as smart as I had thought; totally disappointed in him.

Newsguy: While I often compliment and encourage other hosts, and I always tell my listeners to go check out everybody, I have this question that keeps pestering me: what kind of man would bring a person with a learning disability on his show? Newsguy says he's an advocate for this person, so perhaps you should ask the Newsguy: what have you done for Andy Bong? Have you helped h

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