Two Girls And A Bottle Of Wine

Hollywood, Savings, and The New Girl

October 14, 201330 min
Hollywood separations are nothing new, but after over twenty years of marriage we are sad to say that Bruce and Kris Jenner are separating. We discuss what has been said and how nasty with this be?

Hayden is engaged and we both love her so much!! She is such a tiny woman and her fiancé is ginormous. But still.... congrats!!!

Blake and Adam have a very playful relationship on The Voice. We talk about the latest incident that Blake is totally blaming on Adam.

Miley Cyrus has been talked about alot lately, but is she a smart business woman? We chat about her appearance on SNL. Did you watch? What is your take on her SNL performance?

The American Music Awards are coming up and some of the nominees have been announced. Ashley gives you the scoop.

The Jonas Brothers are fighting and we want to know what it is about. Their rift has forced them to cancel their tour.

Prince Harry is courting a lady and we let you in on who this lady is... will she be Mrs. Harry?!

Eating healthy can be expensive. But we give you some tips on how to eat healthy and save money.

Janet loves the television show New Girl and we take some quote from the show that is very applicable to life.

Chat About Hollywood, Savings, and The New Girl

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