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“In the Dark” initial reactions – UTDR034

August 4, 201419 min
Under the Dome Radio podcast episode #34, hosted by Troy Heinritz and Wayne Henderson. Wayne and Troy share their initial reactions to episode 6 of season 2, "In the Dark"! Your feedback welcome at (904) 469-7469 or via the feedback page.

To listen on the website, see the player below.

Some of the good stuff discussed in this episode:

Initial thoughts about "In the Dark".
How do you feel about all of the relationship craziness?
Do you think Sam really died?  If not, where did he go?
Is Zenith in our universe?  Does the cliff in the underground tunnels connect to Zenith?
Will Barbie consult Pauline's journal?
Has Under the Dome gone "too far" with the space egg being brought back so easily?
What was your favorite line in "In the Dark"?
Give a listen to Wayne and Troy discussing ABC TV's Resurrection Comic Con panel, and news, on the new episode of the Resurrection Revealed podcast.
Call (904) 469-7469 to let your voice be heard on our full-discussion episode coming out later this w

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