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Voice to America

July 27, 2014103 min
RAGE: Gaza War continues. . .’Mini’ cease-fires come and go. . .Body count on both sides unusually high. . .Can Egypt broker peace? Hear from VTA’s voices in Israel, Egypt.

OIL FOR LIVES: EU remains weak against Putin. . .Tears, outrage not enough to mobilize against Russia. . .Obama blames Putin, separatists for Malaysian massacre but can’t show proof. . .Lashes out at EU. Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Europe.

‘DO YOUR PART’: Honduran prez comes to White House, lectures America on border crisis. . .Children flood US border. . .Do both the Honduran and American governments want this crisis? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Honduras.

FOUR MORE MONTHS: Hear from Iranians about the nuke extension.

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