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Voice to America

December 21, 2014103 min
HACK-SIS OF EVIL: Obama says N Korea hacked Sony. . .Un denies. . .Obama threatens action. . .Is N Korea capable of cyber war? What should Obama do? VTA special report.

CUBA LIBRE: Obama shifts policy with Castros. . .Castro announce America must respect communism. . .Is this the right move for U.S.? Hear fromVTA’s Cuban voices.

TALIBAN LOW: School children massacred in Pakistan. . .Taliban vow more violence. . .Afghan Talib affiliated. . .Obama sends in the drones. . .How will Pakistan react? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Pakistan.

PUTIN THE (LESS) POWERFUL: Ruble wobbles. . .Russian economy squeezed by oil prices, sanctions. . .Has Obama’s plan hurt Putin? Will Ukraine be saved? VTA special report.

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