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February 22, 2015103 min
BATTLE FOR MOSUL: Obama telegraphs again. . .Is the immediate problem ISIS or Iraqi army? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iraq.

TERROR SUMMIT: Obama hosts global leaders. . . Insists poverty is a major problem driving terrorism. . .Insists fight against “violent extremism involves “perverted” Islam. . .Is Obama right? VTA special report.

CEASE FIRE CEASES: US, UK claim Ukraine-Russia cease-fire is over. . .Obama readies more sanctions. What happened to arming Ukrainian army? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Europe.

ISIS MASSACRE: Egypt now at war with ISIS after Egyptians are beheaded. . .Does this help or hurt Obama? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian voices.

AF-PAK AGAIN: Obama open to extending war. . . Still claims combat is over. What’s the truth? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Kabul.

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