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Voice to America

June 21, 2015103 min
AGAIN? U.S. says Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons. . .Is this a breach of Obama’s no-nukes deal? Or has al-Assad obtained new weapons? And what is Obama gonna do about it? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

GREXIT: Will Greece exit EuroZone? What happens to US economy if it does? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

DEADLINE: Iran-U.S. nuke deadline just days away. . .Will the comprehensive deal get done? What is Obama willing to negotiate in the final days? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

DUH: U.S. publishes report stating that ISIS is most dangerous terror organization. . .Overtakes al-Qaeda. . .Is this report fuel for troops on the ground in Iraq? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

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