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October 25, 2015103 min
NO BOOTS ON GROUND: First U.S. soldier dies fighting ISIS in Iraq. . .’Combat death,’ yet Obama insists no U.S. ground combat in Iraq. . .Is the U.S. secretly using infantry? And why is Iraq’s government publicly criticizing the American effort? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

SORRY: Tony Blair apologizes for Iraq War. . .Flip flop after 12 years. . .Takes partial blame for rise of ISIS. . .Why apologize now? What effect will this have on the war against ISIS? Hear from VTA’s British voices.

MAXIMUM LEADER: al-Assad visits Putin. . .1st foreign visit since Syria war started. . .John Kerry meets later with Russian FM. . .Is this the beginning of a political solution? Or Putin manipulating Obama again? VTA special report.

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