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Voice to America

March 20, 2016102 min
ISIS KILLS US MARINE: Rocket attack in northern Iraq also wounds 3 American soldiers. . .Build-up to the Battle for Mosul?. . .Obama “no boots on the ground”. . .Hear from Iraqi voices.

LA HOBAMA: Obama, wife, kids, step mother visit Cuba. . .Will watch beisbol with Raul Castro. . .Castro Bros deny access to dissidents. . .Is Obama on the right track with his ‘thaw’? Hear from Cuban voices.

PUTIN PULLS OUT: Russia announces end of war operations in Syria. . .’Mission accomplished’. . .Is Putin serious? Or is this another bluff? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

2 AMERICANS KILLED BY SUICIDE ATTACK: Istanbul hit again. . .3 other tourists die. . .Can Turkey secure itself from terror? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Turkey.

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