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April 17, 2016102 min
THE SAUDI CONNECTION: 9/11 report connecting Saudi government to 9/11 regurgitates anxiety from The Kingdom. . .Saudis threaten economic punishment ahead of Obama visit to Riyadh. . .US congress fights to make public 28 pages of “secrets”. . . Is it true the Saudi government supported 9/11? And why all the fuss now? Hear from VTA’s voices throughout the Middle East.

IMPEACH: Brazil’s president fights for her job. . .Rousseff calls it a “coup”. . .Accused of “funny money”. . .What happens if S. America’s largest democracy kicks out its elected leader? Hear from VTA’s voices in Rio.

OBAMA PUSHES REFUGEES: 1,500 Syrian refugees per month are US quota. . .Is this a good idea? What lessons has Obama learned from Europe’s migrant crisis? VTA special report.

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