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April 16, 201778 min
There is no shortage of news this Easter weekend. The Mother of All Bombs strikes ISIS, a North Korean missile test flopped and a Turkish referendum have made for a jam-packed show.
We're headed to the Korean DMZ this morning and track down our missile defense analyst Riki Ellison. We want to know what really happened at the missile test yesterday. What did the pint-sized Glorious Leader attempt to achieve with this latest stunt? We'll delve into the test and get Riki's reasoning behind why he says it's a victory for the Trump Administration.
Then we're going to Turkey, where a referendum is underway that could give President Erdogan sweeping power over the Turkish government. We'll speak to voices in the region about the latest power grab and what it means for Turkey and the world if Erdogan gets his wish.
And finally, US/Russia relations are at a low point. How can this be when reality journalists like Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow say Trump and Putin are best buddies? Yuri joins us for a Russian perspective on the last two weeks of military action and what it means for both countries.

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