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April 23, 201777 min
The French head to the polls today, will Marine Le Pen signal the end for the European Union as we know it? The polls close at 11:00 a.m. Phoenix time. We'll speak to Mark in France, the other half of VTA Presents: Across The Pond Podcast, and find out if he thinks Le Pen has a chance. Do you remember November 7, 2016 when the American popular media was sure Trump had no chance?
Then, the UK prime minister has called for a snap election in June after saying she wouldn't hold any surprise snap elections. Why did she reverse her stance on snap elections? What will this election mean for Brexit?
Finally, the Taliban is back and the US military in Afghanistan wants Trump to send more men into the fight. We'll speak to our voice there about the latest attack and find out if a troop surge is what's needed.

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